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5FM is a popular South African radio station that broadcasts nationwide (at different FM radio frequencies in different cities), as well as across the globe via online streaming. 5FM is an entertainment powerhouse for the South African youth and is very popular for offering the most popular contemporary music, DJ line ups and live music events. Here you can enjoy a free 5FM live streaming playback from any place in the world.

How To Start A 5FM Live Stream?

On this page you enjoy a free 5FM live stream which will start playing automatically on modern desktop browsers. To start a 5FM live stream on older desktop or mobile browsers, click on the PLAY icon on the FM radio player above and 5FM should start streaming in after a couple of seconds.

In order to be able to start a 5FM live stream on this site, you first need to ensure that you have 5FM live streaming compatible device with a supported web browser.
Compatible devices: Desktop computers ( PC, Mac, Linux), mobile devices with full web browsers (smartphones & tablets).
Supported web browsers: you should be able to start a 5FM live stream on most modern web browsers running on any supported device.

Area 5FM Frequency
Bloemfontein 91.6 MHz
Cape Town 89.0 MHz
Durban 89.9 MHz
Johannesburg 98.0 MHz
Middelburg 97.0 MHz
Nelspruit 91.1 MHz
Port Elizabeth 89.2 MHz
Pretoria 103.6 MHz

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