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Here you can enjoy a free Metro FM live stream from any place in the world. You can also stream and listen to other popular South African radio stations.

About Metro FM

Metro FM is a South African based FM radio station that mainly focuses on mentoring urban young adults on how to build a better tomorrow for all South Africans. This is done in a stylish and progressive manner, to inspire black South Africans between the ages of 25 to 34 years, through a positive attitude. Metro FM is part of SABC Radio, which is owned by the South African government.

Service Offerings: Metro FM offers services related to Entertainment, Adverting, Information, Lifestyle and Community.
Playlist Genres: Metro FM is popular for broadcasting the following music genres: Gospel, R&B, Kwaito, House, Contemporary Jazz and Hip-Hop.

Follower Statistics
  •  Metro FM currently has over 4 million listeners
  • Over 800K Twitter followers
  •  Over 1.2 million Facebook page likes

Metro FM Contact details

Website URL:
Contact number: 089 110 3377
SMS line: 48439
Facebook page URL:
Twitter page URL:

Metro FM Frequencies


Pretoria: 92.4 MHz
Johannesburg: 96.4 MHz


Middelburg: 100.3 MHz

Western Cape

Sea Point: 91.7 MHz
Table Mountain: 88.6 MHz
Tygerberg: 93.0 MHz

Kwa-Zulu Natal

Nongoma: 89.8 MHz
Eshowe: 90.3 MHz
Durban: 93.0 MHz
Durban North: 107.9

Eastern Cape

East London: 107.7 MHz
Parsons Hill: 87.9 MHz
Port Elizabeth: 100.5 MHz
How To Listen To Metro FM Live Online?

Metro FM live stream: If you loaded this page via a PC or MAC web browser, then Metro FM should automatically start streaming a couple of seconds after the page has been fully loaded, if not, then please check the player icon above and see if it or your browser is displaying a message about Adobe Flash Player not being installed or activated for this site (if it does display such a message, click on “Allow” or “Enable/Activate Plugin/Extension”) and then you should be able to listen to Metro FM live online.

  • On a PC or Mac Metro FM will stream automatically
  • On some mobile devices (tablets/smartphones) you have to press the “Play” button on the player above to start a live streaming of Metro FM and on some devices playback will start automatically.

Can I listen to a Metro FM Live Stream in the background, while I do other things on my PC?

Yes you can stream and listen to Metro FM live in the background while you accomplish other tasks on your computer. Below are the key factors you should consider before/while doing so:

  •  Make sure that the window that you are seeing this information on remains open. This is very crucial as you are currently streaming Metro FM through your browser and if you close it, then the Metro FM live stream will also stop.
    • You can minimize your web browser and as long as the browser is still running in the background, then you should be able to enjoy a Metro FM live stream while you work on other things on your computer
  • Last but not least, remember to pause playback when you know that you are going to be away from your computer for a significant amount of time, as this may result in wasted data usage.

How do I listen to Metro FM offline?

If you ended on this site while searching for Metro FM broadcasting frequencies and not “Metro FM live stream”, then we are glad to tell you that we have also provided this information below on this page. There you can find all the Metro FM radio broadcasting frequencies and their respective locations.

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